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Full Version: Broken Stylus
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Basically, I dropped my stylus onthe floor and it broke into two pieces, the short black pointer part and the restin another piece. I glued them back together and put the stylus back in the holder. When I took it out, the pointer part broke off and is stuck in the holder!!!!! I tried fishing it out with every tool I could find - no success. If someone's had this same problem and somehow fished it out, PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! I'm without a stylus until I think of something rolleyes.gif or someone helps me out. Again, PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How about glueing the two pieces together again with a strong glue (just a tiny bit of "industrial krazy glue" or the like but avoid leaving any glue inside the holder), and then take the whole thing out slowly and gently?

Hope it will work for you.
I had that very same problem ....

I grabbed a very thin screwdriver, heated it up almost to red, and with plenty of light, and very carefully, I inserted it into the stylus cavity .... when I reached the broken part, I made some force, penetrating the plastic of the stylus... I waited a bit for it to cool off, and pulled it out.

It seems dangerous but I realized also that the plastic melting point of the zaurus is higher than the stylus. That is, you MIGHT touch the inside of the zaurus, for a split second, but chances are that you are not deforming it. Your AIM must be good tho wink.gif

Actually, since I posted, I found a super-cool way to get the pointer out. I used a long, pointy metal rod that would fit in the holder, heated it up. Finally, I stuck it down in the holder and let the metal cool down. Voila! Hallelujia! It came right out!!!!!!!! It ruined the pointer, so I'll have to buy a new stylus, but as least I can use my Zaurus again! Thanks for the effort, though smile.gif . I apprciate it.
Well I am glad it came out smile.gif The heat up method works smile.gif
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