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Full Version: Firefly USB disk: Perfect storage device?
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OK, the C860 can act as a USB host for USB devices, right? So the deck-of-cards-sized 20G Firefly USB disk
seems like it should be the perfect add-on, or am I all wet?

I notice the web page does not mention compatability with Linux, so that may be an issue. Also, I wonder whether the data transfer speed would be high enough to play MP3s or MPEGs directly off of it.

Any thoughts?
OK, the C860 can act as a USB host for USB devices, right?

Unfortunately, wrong; unless you use a usb-host CF card, all Zs bar the 6000 are only usb clients (is that the right terminology?). The 6000 is also a usb host.

Bother. I was afraid I was mis-remembering. dry.gif Thanks.
What is the best bang for the buck usb-host card for a 860?
There's only one extant that I know of,
There's a fabled twin USB port one with no dongle, but it's been coming soon for quite a while, from what I hear.
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