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Full Version: All my new apps disappeared!
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I flashed my new 5500 back to the Sharp ROM this morning and installed a few apps (the Hancom stuff and Terminal). I put the Z in my pocket and went to lunch. When I got back, I pulled it out and turned it on, and it started booting up. I thought that was odd, since I didn't turn it off.

Once it was done booting, it was just like the first time I flashed it -- none of the new apps were there, and the sound setting changes I'd made were undone.

It's possible that a button or two got pressed in my pocket, but surely there's not a button combination that reverts back to the stock ROM setup? What might have happened?


Been thinking about this -- is it possible that the Z re-flashed itself? The CF card with the ospack was still in the slot when this happened. I've since deleted the ospack.
It sounds like your Zaurus rebooted and the contents of the ramdisk got erased.

You dont have to reflash to reset the sharp roms to their default configurations since they store your prefs and documents in ram.

I've accidently hit the switch on the back for the battery compartment on my Zaurus before causing it to loose data.
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