Hello everyone,

I am using Linspire and kernel ver: 2.4.23. I am trying to connect Zaurus. (Sharp SL 55xx)

I have some questions here....

I am trying to connect Zaurua SL 55xx. After connect it,when i type 'dmesg' on my Linux PC it's status as mount and it show USB device with some number.

Also, i have setup ip addess with the same network what Zaurus has using.by default Zaurus accept eth1 as device. I can ping from Linspire to Zaurus. but when i can not ping from Zaurus to Linspire.

The point is, if i can ping from both side i want to synchronize some data and transfer some files.Am i doing some thing wrong? what else i need to configure to synchronize some data.

Do I need to recomplie the kernel? if i, can nay one some idea how to do recompiling. OR what else i need to do.

Please help me to solve this issue.

Thank you,