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Full Version: zgcc question
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I've given up trying to cross compile mysql. I have scoured the net and found many people asking the same question: how do you get past the configure script trying to run test applications built for arm/other in a cross compile environment. Lots of questions, no answers.

Its weird. The configure script tests whether or not it is running in a cross compile environment, and then seems to ignore the fact that it is. As I mentioned in a previous thread, the mysql developers know about this, and posted that they would fix it on the mysql mailing list. They haven't yet.

So I thought I would get zgcc and all installed on the Z and try building that way.

The configure script is complaining that it can't find linuxthreads. libpthread is on there, at least, so my question is, does anyone know where I should put the linuxthreads header files? I'm assuming /usr/include or some such place, but this is stretching my experience, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hi w14,

I'm the maintainer of crimson fields for Zaurus and must definitely
agree with you that crosscompiling on not native machines can
be a disaster.

At the moment I try to compile my programs native on the Z.

I tried both zgcc and dev_img 1.5 und must say that dev_img ist the
best solution for native compiling - all you need for ./configure / make is included
and it works !

Give it a try.

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