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Major deja vu, but search turned up nothing:

I am logged in here, obviously, but am unable to edit the wiki. It tells me I am unauthorized?

I think it would be nice if the how to wiki had the GFDL license specified, in a fashion similar to, so that people contributing to "the community" got that warm fuzzy feeling about their contributions. Some wiki's have a button for exporting the whole wiki-pile in XML format, which might be nice.
these are great suggestions, thank you! our current wiki is running phpwiki, which is integrated with the main site... not so good anymore when we changed to the new forums.

recently someone vandalized the wiki, and I had to pull the data from a backup. when that happened, I locked it down... I know that's not the point of a wiki... basically, I need to move the wiki to a better one,

anyone got some admin skills and want to help out around here?
I wanted to point out one of the wiki pages that is outdated, since I appear to be the last person to edit the page before the original site went offline (?)

The current page here...

You can find the last known copy of the original wiki at...

Specifically missing is a direct wiring diagram for the digitraveler GPS. I also have new info in which I used a spare line to run power between the Z and the digitraveler, so plugging in a car adapter to either unit will also power the other (and recharge the Z). This mod does require soldering two jumper wires inside the digitraveler, but does NOT require any changes to the Z.

Offroadgeek: if you can email me when the wiki is opened up again, I can write up some instructions for this mod. Or if you want to just add the info directly to the existing wiki, let me know.
Is it possible to get an offline version of the wiki ? I spend inordinate amounts of time in Airport Lounges and I usually "play" with my Zaurus. It would would be a good time to update the wiki and just upload once I'm connected.

What do you think ?
Eee old threads popping up smile.gif

The wiki is being re-done with a brand new system which looks much, much better than the original. We do currently have someone playing around with it I believe and updating things.

Please wait a couple days and we shall make an announcement about upcomming things.
Did I miss the announcement? Haven't seen any new info on the wiki's, was wondering if work is still progressing?
It's still very much coming up... I'm just waiting for the mysql ID and password on the new host in which it will be living. The data from the existing wiki has already been moved and the new wiki will go live very soon smile.gif
Can we upload arbitrary files to the wiki? it seems to allow images only.

QUOTE(gojira @ Jan 31 2005, 11:15 PM)
Can we upload arbitrary files to the wiki?  it seems to allow images only.


what file types should I try to expand the list to? .tar, .gz, .ipk? anything else?
I'm not sure if ipk's should be allowed. If someone has some software to release then ELSI should be used for that and these forums are much better for uploading test software and receiving feedback.

Speaking of ELSI, how about a link to ELSI on the main OESF page? Might I also suggest a brief policy document, considering recent vandelism, that is also linked from the main page as well as a direct link to the MediaWiki help for editing articles.
QUOTE(offroadgeek @ Feb 1 2005, 07:00 PM)
what file types should I try to expand the list to?  .tar, .gz, .ipk?  anything else?

I was actually just trying to upload a text file so that I can easily make available some docs/notes I'm writing offline. I was going to link to it from a wiki page.

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