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Full Version: Does SL-C860 support MMC?
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Last week I bought a new 1 GB MMC card (I chose MMC over SD because I don't the DRM SD movement).

I put the MMC card in my wife's camera and it recognized the whole 1 GB|(I was pleasantly surprised since she had an "older" camera. When her camera hoojed up to my windows (yeah, I know tongue.gif ) desktop, windows recognized the 1 GB as well. I formatted it with Fat32 and did a simple scandisk. All seemed well...

I then put the MMC card in my SD card slot in my SL-C860 and the Zaurus recognized without trouble.

But then odd things started to happen. I wasn't able to write to the card. Someimte Linux had trouble ejecting the card. I thought that perhaps the card's fat table was corrupted (since my desktop DID crash while I attempting to surface scan the card).

I tried:

bash-2.05$ mkdosfs /mnt/card
mkdosfs 2.8 (28 Feb 2001)
mkdosfs: unable to open /mnt/card

I can't find the SD card (nor the CF card) under /dev/hd... anywhere

Any ideas?

Does the SL-C860 support MMC cards? How do you format SD/MMC cards in your Zaurus terminal?

MMC Specs:
My Flash
Multi Media Card
1 GB PC Data

Thanks in advance...
MMC Cards work fine. I have a 256MB MMC card in my 860 (and use in my 700) without any problems. However currently SD cards do NOT work in the Zaurus.

Sorry can't help you further.
SD cards work, but they do not have the faster I/O the proprietary drivers take advantage of. I use SD cards in my Z all the time without issues. By the way Tony you will have better results with mkdosfs if you pass the device name instead of the mount point:

mkdosfs /dev/mmcda1

Hope this helps.
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