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Full Version: Detecting screen resolution
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I'm writing a qtopia app which I would like to have a different graphical template depending on if it is running on my 5500 or 860. Since I'm using images I will need to scale the images up by a factor if they are on the 860.

Anyone know the options for detecting the resolution (so I can then set a scale factor) from qpeapplication?

I have looked at doing it from my main qwidget (with width() and height()) but I tend to not get the right info at the beginning of the app anyway.

I would also like to use a different layout if it is landscape versus portrait. For this I will probably just compare the width and height. If anyone has other suggestions please let me know.



you will get, what you need.

Thanks. It works a treat. I had looked around for a while but hadn't come across those...
Is there an event that is emitted when the screen is rotated?

The only way I have been able to find to deal with rotation is to remember the original rotation, and if the rotation changes then scale everything to the different perspective.

original_rotation = AppLnk::rotation();
void draw() {
if (original_rotation != AppLnk::rotation()) scale();
The Opie launcher sends setRotation via QCOP to QPE/System. See
Opie-Camera for how to receive rotation notifications and act upon them.

Note that I'm not sure if Qtopia does the same.
When the screen is rotated, it causes a QResizeEvent to be emitted. In your main widget (or any widget), you can override the 'resizeEvent' function to handle this.

For example:

void myApp::resizeEvent( QResizeEvent * ev )
  // change layout according to screen orientation
  if( ev->size().width() > ev->size().height() ) {
     // landscape mode
  } else {
     // portrait mode


- ashikase
anpachi, gifu, japan
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