If there are any Zaurus developers still out there:

I would recommend (request?) that you not use the QT Global::findDocuments function (or the FileSelector, which uses this function). This function searches all available media for a specified filetype. This can cause huge delays on a Zaurus with a large drive (such as my 4GB microdrive).

I would suggest using Sharp's SlFileSelector instead, or using (user-modifiable) fixed paths to look for files, or even designing your own file dialog. Sharp's library is only available on Sharp-based roms, but I believe Opie can emulate it.

As far as I know, there is no way to prevent findDocuments from searching certain media on Sharp-based roms (unlike Opie and later versions of Qtopia, which allow for adding a file/marker at the base of a directory to prevent searching). Correct me if I'm wrong, though.

- ashikase
anpachi, gifu, japan