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Full Version: 5500 screen cover -help!
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A friend has broken the plastic screen cover off his 5500 and is desperate to replace it.

If anyone has one, please PM me to arrange some kind of trade/sale/etc..

In UK only.
The Z (SL-5500) I bought did not come with one. Is there anywhere I can buy one of these or do I have to find someone who has one that they are willing to give/sell me?

Hm. Another one to add to the thread. I'm looking for a cover too, I bought mine used and didn't come with one. Trade/Sell/Donate for me too!
They used to be available through, but it appears they were discontinued.

Try one of the companies bringing in SL-Cxxx models from Japan: the covers might still be available there.
I found then a while back by googling zaurus cover ...accessories
they were about $6
amazon has them.... here:

2 used & new from $8.00
Get it for less!
Have one to sell?

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Sharp Protective Cover for Display Screen CE-SLC1
I found a place by using Froogle, but unless you lived in the US, it wasn't cost effective. I live in Canada, and $32 US shipping isn't something I want to pay for a $5 item. If you don't mind though, that's an option.
apparently they're now $6.64 on amazon. as of today they have four ... make that three left in stock.
I ordered a cover to Canada from Underwood Distribution. They don't list any more covers in stock, but it would be worth checking with them. They shipped mine to Canada no problem.

In the States, you can order directly from Sharp.

Hope that helps,
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