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Full Version: Multisync wont sync
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Can anyone help?

I have everything working on my Z the way I want it but I cant sync with evolution.

I have followed all of the documentation I can find on the subject but nothing changes.

I can ping my Z, I can even ssh into it and transfer files via scp no problems. But when I try to sync with Multsync it just sets their and says it is connecting with second device. I have tried to run a backup and its the same thing. Also when I click on sync my zaurus's screen blanks out and says that it is syncing. So I know that mutisync is doing something with it. I had this working the last time I flashed my Z. Its the same rom and same configuration in multisync. I have changed the security settings to allow any IP to sync with it. And I have tried to run Multisync from the command prompt, and when I do I don't get any error messages.
What I usually check:

- do I see the 'connected cables' icon at the bottom of the screen?
- does "nmap -p 4200-4300 zaurus" wield any useful result?
- password: Set to 'rootme'?

So far, I've gotten kitchensync 0.0.6 sync with a OZ 3.5.1 so it must work somehow.

MultiSync seems to be another story. Try with the latest version, it might work.
Thanks for the reply.

I tried everything that you suggested but nothing helpled. However I went back to kitchensync and it worked with no problems. Now I have a different question. I have made some changes to my contacts on my zaurus and they are not being replicated back to evolution. Is there a setting in kitchensync that I missed? Or is it not posible?

Also is there anyway to copy over e-mail to the zaurus? I sync my Z at work as well and I love that feature.

Thanks again
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