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Full Version: Windows XP SP 2 Sync Problem
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Hi, I habe two computers running Windows XP. One with the new service pack and one without the new service pack.

My big problem is now, that Windows XP with SP 2 cannot sync anymore with my C860. Instead of showing a progress bar window, a message with an OK button is displayed and nothing ever happens. Without SP 2 everything works fine.

I am using the driver and Intellisync software from the original Japanese CD-ROM. On both computers the USB network is running and working.

Please help!

Have you checked the wonderful (so they tell us) new WinXPsp2 firewall settings?

SP2 is horror. I had to install it on my TabletPC because of some new handwriting features and ran into one day of reconfiguration the fullautomatic user security features sad.gif
Yes, the firewall is disabled and all the other stuff which has been enabled for the Zaurus SL NDIS Network Adapter.
I have no problem with intellisync on xp sp2
Ok I seem to have identified the problem:

The Zaurus network drive (Samba) can only be accessed, when the W-Lan on the Zaurus is running. Now if I transfer files, packets are sent through USB and received through Ethernet (W-Lan). Maybe this is the problem when trying to sync to.

Does anybody know how to solve this assymetric communication problem?
So is there a problem with SP2 and sync??? ...just wondering as that annoying little icon is dying to install it on my machine smile.gif
smile.gif Well I have no problem syching my 5500 running 3.13 rom to Outlook on XP SP2. I didn't experience any issues when I upgraded. I use Norton Firewall so just turned off Windows Firewall.
I am using C860. I can't install the intellisync from the original CD. I just install the software from 5500. It works fine for me at WinXP SP2.

Zaurus HK
Well, I got it working by disabling all network devices except the Zaurus USB one.
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