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Full Version: Lost all Address Book Data
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Hi people of good will.

Here is the situation.

I backed up my data as I regularly do. Shortly after, the Zaurus stalled and needed to power off with the replace battery button and reset.

Then I proceeded to restore the data from my SD card but it hangs at 100% completion.

I have checked everything: upgraded from Sharp ROM 3.10 to 3.13. Copied the files from SD to CF. Tried to open the backed up file in Windows, etc.

My conclusion is that the backup file is corrupted and I have no other. I desperately need the Addressbook Data. Don't care that much about other files.

When I browse the backup file on Windows it appears to hold 11.3 MB worth of data, but once I open the file with WinRAR it displays files for just 144 KB.

The data must be in there, but I just can't reach it. Can somebody tell me how to get it? I don't care about the format, even if it is a plain text file.

Thanks to the community in advance.

Though I don't know how to get you addressbook back, but this thread seems to be related to your original problem.

It seems the file is supposed to be a tarball.

I usually use the sharp ROM tool to backup to PC. That method doesn't tarball the data.

Thanks, but that didn't help. The problem doesn't seem to be the format of the file, but to recover corrupt data in it.

Anyone has a clue on how to do it?

Thanks again for the support.

All right,

I managed to repair the file using some repair software.

I searched through the remaining files and finally found something interesting in /home/zaurus/applications/dtm/

But the file is less than readable. This file contains the data from all my contacts in the addressbook.

There is a companion file named sladrs.idx

I tried to copy both files into a healthy Zaurus backup file to see if that way I could read the data by restoring the modified backup into the Zaurus, but it didn't work.

So my only hope is to roll up my sleeves and dive into that messy file and recover my data contact by contact.

Wish me luck!

After 3 days reding all my contact data, I have it all back into my Zaurus. Phew!

I have to commnet though that I discovered as I read the above mentioned file, that many of the contacts had multiple entries showing different information. This corresponds to address changes, phone changes etc.

I think this is a bug, because in the end it reflects the fact that the Zaurus seem to be storing old information for no special reason.

Can somebody confirm this?

Thanks everybody for this great forum!!

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