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Full Version: Can't Refalsh original Sharp ROM
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Torsten Brumm

i'm a new Zaurus User and i played around with the different ROM's (TheKOmpany, OZ and other) but at this moment i'm not able to start any of this ROM's.

If i try to reflash my original Sharp Image, both LED comes up for 5 sec. and power then down.

Also the OZ or other Images are not able to start (hanging at the boot screen).

I followed the instructions and it worked well for some times, but now, nothing works :-(

Can anybody help me?????


You may have tried this, but:

1) Remove battery and reset
2) Make sure your CF card is formatted FAT16
3) Make sure power is connected when flashing
4) Remove SD card if inserted
5) Check image name, zImage and initrd.bin -- open a dos window and check the names on the CF card.
Torsten Brumm

some additional Information. I have checked all again. I have ejected the SD Card, i have bought a new CF Card. The Files are named correct.

The Flash Procedure is working sometime (on some OS's - TKC, Cacko, Hentges) but the original Sharp not. At this moment, the only working enviormont (after spending a lot of time) is hentges ROM with a 64/0 Kernel.

Now a small Question. My problems started after installing Cacko ROM. I have read, that some Installer Files from the Cacko ROM reformat the Sharp ROM Files, i have tried some of the other Kernels of Hentges (40-24 etc) and this will not work, only the 64-0. Can someone help me, how to reconfigure the Sharp ROM with the D+P Utilis?

Thanks in Advance

From what I read you have problems with partitions
Why don't you try to re instal Cacko and repattion your z again.
I think it should be 32/32 for 5600 & 5500 but I'm sure only for 5600.
BTW what is your Z?
I have an SL-5500 with Sharp rom 3.13.

The rom flash image is named "Ospack".
There is only the one file.
It is 16mb in size, so use at least a 32mb compact flash card formatted to fat 16.

I would suggest you acquire a NAND image and restore from that. Just in case there are any problem introduced by the 'Fix NAND loader 64Mb limit' options.
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