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Sorry, my resolution is 1280x1024, so the images are the same. The only shots I have for you so far ar the 'Submit Project' page, and the 'My' page.

What's done and not included are obviously the login and registration. The hardest part of the zsi2 is done. The rest should hopefully be smooth sailing.

I dont know if I've explained yet, but here's how it's set up:

You submit a project to the ZSI2, but it is not yet on the front page.
After submitting the project, a branch is automatically added called 'default'. You then have to go to your project page and upload the file into that branch. You also have the option of adding a different branch, such as 'unstable'. Obviously, branches can be renamed/deleted.
At the screen where you upload your file, there is a checkbox and aside it are the words "Publish to front page".

This way a project is not released to the front page until it has files associated with it. Also, if you make a small minor change and you don't feel it's worth front page, you can simply uncheck it.

I tried to model a bunch of stuff to how does it. I've been using them for a while and I think they have a nice efficient system.

If you guys don't like the layout, it can easily be changed. I tried to make something that's light on the graphics and fits at least in 640x480, for those of us that want to browse using our Zaurus. As well, I do plan on making a version of the page with a layout fit for 320x240.

Anyways, please let me know what you think. Sorry I didn't make the deadline for having something for you tonight, but soon enough I shall have something.

ROMs: OZ (Opie), OZ (GPE), Sharp.

Processors: The pxa250 and pxa255 use the same instruction set (ARM5); any differences in code to account for the bug in the pxa250 are in the kernel so I don't think you need differentiate the two of them.

You'd be better with 2 options:

SA - ARM4 (e.g. 5500, 5000D)
PXA - ARM5 (e.g. Cxxx, 5600, 6000)

Or something like that.

Compiler and libc version fields will quickly loose their coherence/regularity (people may or nmay not put in libc, gcc, etc.) unless you give an example of how they should be filled in above the text box.

Licence: There are more licences about, for example BSD, perhaps have an option for other and a text box?

Please ignore the fields. They can easily be added/edited/removed in the admin. I just threw in things I remembered off the top of my head just so I can fill it up.
hey dz - please try and make much of the "content" flexible to work around so if you later decide for another design - just in my experience. If you need any help with the design/graphics let me know. I might have some ideas.. :-)
It all is very flexible. I'm not the best designer, so I made sure it can be changed smile.gif

And if you can come up with any kind of designs for the zsi2, I'd gladly appreciate it. We could have the community vote on their favorites.
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