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Full Version: Lib SDL on SL6000
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Does anyone have a SDL lib running on zaurus sl6000l ?
or.. anyone can help me in compiling libsdl on my SL6000L ?

Thanks Gabriele
I am using libSDL_1.2.6-zports-5_arm, libSDL-net_1.2.5cvs-1_arm, lib SDL-mixer_1.2.5cvs-1_arm on my sl6000. No problems that I have noticed. I have prboom_2.2.3-2_arm working with these libs. Also have the midi sound working in prboom with timidity installed.

I would be interested in hearing what SDL libs others are using on their sl6000's.
I am using the zports libSDL but compiled my own SDL-mixer so I could have ogg support in playing Exult.
i want to enable libsdl support on mplayer so i will try to install the packages you say and then i will try to recompile mplayer with sdl support.....
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