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Full Version: Intellisync problems
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Rom 2.37.
Intellisync 1.43E
Windows XP SP2.

Drivers are installed (after Intellisync). I can ping the SL5500 no probs from Windows XP's command line. But I am unable to make a connection for synching. Also when I try to set the sync options I get the following error:

"Intellisync for web application has encoutered a problem and needs to close".

I right click on the network connection in the system tray, bring up properties and then status the dialoguie box shows plenty of packets being sent but, none received.

I've been through the usual loop of install-uninstall lots of times now...all to no avail.

Pls help!!!
Can anyone help? I am at my wits end here. I've upated to the latest Sharp Rom 313. I have Intellisync 1.43 installed. USB drivers 3.22 that came with the original CD are installed (3.4? doesn't work on my XPSP2 laptop the Sharp network adaptor NDIS5 is not recognised with the later drivers). I can ping the Zaurus from Windows CLI no probs but, Intellisync won't talk to the Zaurus and when I try to set the sync options it bombs.

I tried on my desktop.

Now I can browse the Zaurus with Windows file manager. Intellisync won't bomb, I can set the options but, it still won't connect. Before I sell my Z has anyone got any suggestions about what to do next?
Have you tried disabling the windows firewall for the network connection to the zaurus? Do you have any other firewall software installed? If so disable all firewall software and try agian.
Even if you were to get a "sync'ing connection" with ROM v. 3.13, Intellisync 1.43 will not sync with it IIRC. In ROM 3.10 and above PIM data is in the DTM format, where in previous ROM's it is in XML. You'll need to update to the version of Intellisync distributed with ROM v3.13.
John Smith TIF
Hi Guys,

Sorry, if this is the wrong forum to post this to - I'm still a bit of a newbie here...

I'm having all sorts of problems trying to get my SL-5500 to sync with Outlook 2000 on my XP machine (sad I know, but for the moment I need Outlook compatibility).

I've tried various combinations of OpenZaurus/Opie and Sharp's v3.1.3 ROM on the Z with Intellisync (an earlier version and 1.4E) and even Qtopia Desktop on the PC side.

Generally, I can get a TCP/IP connection set-up, such that I can ping the Z from the PC and vice versa without any apparent problems but when it comes to getting the PIMs to sync I generally get errors indicating that the connection isn't working. The nearest I've got so far, is to use OpenZaurus 3.5.1 and Opie 1.1.6 (IIRC) with Qtopia Desktop on the PC (which curiously acts as a conduit for Outlook - not quite what I expected) - that partially synced (Categories & ToDo list seems to be downloaded okay, Calendar/Appointments partially synced (apparently only some repeating appointments but no single events got downloaded to the Z), Contacts were never successfully downloaded at all (perhaps because there are a lot of records (1000+)).

I really need to sit down and work-out which versions I've tried with what and what the problems were in each case, but before I spend the next week trying to
try every conceivable variation. Has anyone got any suggestions for combinations that work/don't work?

Any help would be much appreciated!!! blink.gif



I haven't had any problems with the 5500 syncing to outlook 2000, only problems with 2003.

I'd suggest the tkc rom or sharp rom for the 5500, only because of some of the delays unsuspending from the OZ roms.

If memory serves, I installed the intellisync that came with the 5600 as it was easiest for me to download.

What error messages have you got for any particular rom? A good base case is to install the drivers and such, setup tcp/ip, test that you can open up ssh and such, and then try your synchronisation.

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