An application that would let me re-map the application buttons to use them as keyboard input buttons? The idea is to be able to use the email button as the "x" on the keyboard to input use of the "a" button in znester, or "z" for the "b" button. Is this doable?

I have znester and zemufe running on an SL-5600 (with Sharp 1.32 rom), but the builtin keyboard and d-pad are a little clumsy to use (although it CAN be done).

IMHO the Z needs so little to be complete. (An app to let us print to a network printer and this app-mapper would make my Z complete!!) My Z never misbehaves, although reading the dell axim forums leads me to believe that although PocketPC users have more apps, they run less reliably.

(just edited this one. the PokerPC was funny, but it was a typo.)