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Full Version: rc5: gaim issues with msn
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gaim still crashes sending a message in msn :-(

I'll try and debug if I get a chance.
I think the problem with MSN - gaim quits on sending - is due to the missing ssl library. Infact gaim doesn't use openssl but gnutls or old mozilla ssl lib (mainly for licence issues).

Did anyone try to compile gnutls? I'm going to find into debian repositories for the arm bin.
Yup, from me gentoo portage
    nas? ( >=media-libs/nas-1.4.1-r1 )
    perl? ( >=dev-lang/perl-5.8.2-r1
            !<dev-perl/ExtUtils-MakeMaker-6.17 )
    spell? ( >=app-text/gtkspell-2.0.2 )
    gnutls? ( net-libs/gnutls )
    silc? ( >=net-im/silc-toolkit-0.9.12-r3 )
    evo? ( mail-client/evolution )

It depends on gnutls. You sure it's missing scoutme?
correct - and I'm a dumb sad.gif

gnutls are present within the system.

But the ssl still remains the issue - icq doesn't need it, and it works
I have recieved a message on msn, just can't send. Which doesn't suggest a missing dependancy.

Unfortunatly I leave the country in 6 days and I've got lots of other stuff to do. Not enough time to work out a way to get my z online and debug gaim :-(

Might to try and recompile 0.77 though as it was suggested that works fine.
I just installed RC5, and yep ... gaim doesnt work ! I wonder if anyone with technical authority can tell us how to get it working smile.gif or if we just got to uninstall it and try an older version (is there any other version compiled for rc5 ? I think not !)

Anyway, on first impression, rc5 goes blazingly fast....
I dont like Dillo ... it renders webpages in a wrong way. Minimo is much more precise in its render.
We are hoping the latest version might solve the problem and we are taking some extra time out solving the problem...
I found a bug report in gaim.

The same problem was found in RedHat 9. It is not caused by Gaim but a bug in libao. I think we can check the libao.

Its fixed in the upcomming RC :-)
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