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Full Version: soundtracker on z5500
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i would really like to have soundtracker on my z
i know you all have vast knowledge,
so i thought it best if i try here.
i use the sharp rom 3.10
im wondering what exactly i need to do to be able to get this to work properly.
i dont know alot about linux but i have been learning
i also have not been able to compile anything successfully yet
i am somewhat familiar with debian tho
but i really dont know where to get started...........

i know that i will need dependencies......
but i dont know which ones except for the ones that show on the debian package list

i would like to contribute this to the kille de filz app site once this is finished
maybe with my own twist -if possible

im not sure but also think i might have to do something with the soundsystem to be able to get it to play sound properly

i think the gui for soundtracker works on gdk but i dont know if the sharp rom supportsd this or not

so basically i would like to have a eq & mixer between soundtracker & the sound module that outputs the sound.

along with having all the samples an tracker mods on a sd or cf card.
im also wondering if there would be any problem with using the cards?
like for instance loading & latency issues.

the idea would be to use this live with no clipping an stuttering.
be able to use the keypad to input notes and use the buttons too
along with using the stylus like usual

i dont know if i can just compile this an it will work?
because i know that the architechure has alot to do with whether or not it will work

if anyone could assist me with how to get started i would appreciate this!!!!!!!!!

You would need to cross-compile it (best, add it and its dependencies to OpenEmbedded) and then use OZ/GPE or pdaXrom, since SoundTracker is a Gtk/X11 program.
Well I managed to compile Xsoundtrack for my 5500 (see and used it with Xqt. Most annoying thing is the window is too large for the display, and also no mouse support, and it's a bit buggy, but... well it works anyway!

I compiled it using zgcc and I think I probably changed a few constants to make the window a bit smaller. Currently don't have full internet access so can't upload it, but it's fairly easy to compile anyway.

ive certainly been trying to figure this out but yet i still havent been able to get a tracker on it

the other night i looked at pdaXrom that only seems to support the C series

so then i started looking at the other roms that i cant install yet because i only have sd cards, so i was real close to trying to install the debian arm distro but then i got to the point of how?

i tried using bochs to emulate dos an run freedos and use a dos tracker like AST or AXS
which i would really like to do since they are some great dos programs.

but i havent been able figure out how to start the simulation........
which if anything i think this_might_be one of the best ideas
so after hours of messin with the configs i threw in the towel...........i figured since it was going to be simulating another OS it probly wasnt going to work all that great
but i could be wrong..............

next day (yesterday) i reread the first post an i went after x11
and quickly found X/Qt
after not much pain at all (and the threads on here) i get xqt installed and working
so then i went after the soundtracker debian arm packages
and hoping it didnt have too many dependencies
but it has to have gnome libs i guess
it keeps asking for a lib that i put into the lib dir
-but after looking at it just a second ago
its asking me for a new lib it wasnt asking me for lastnight..............
so i guess i will get to it and see if i can just put the libs in there an run! huh.gif
btw Danr
is there a way you could maybe upload that tarball?
or maybe email it to me @ terrorphile -
then i could host it to my isps free page
an at least ppl could get it if they dont come back up

because i keep getting a 404 on that page and every site that google lists directs me to nothing or to that same site thats not workin for me.

i would definetly like to have a look at it

maybe there was alot of interest?
well so after 6 hours dry.gif
i did however successfully copy all the debian arm package binaries one by one that it asked for
(after 30 something packages...)
im really not sure if how i did it was even close to how your spose to do it
because basically what i did was uncompress the packages and pull out and rename the corresonding file to its intended name to /home/QtPalmtop/lib/
if anything i think thats were i may have error...
because i wasnt sure how i could install the deb packages on the rom i use
i read its possible in open zaurus but i didnt see anything for sharp.
i finally got bus error!!!!!!!!!!!!!
whatever that is/meant?
before i went for the reboot (cuz nothing that wasnt open would work anymore)
thinking it needed to reconfigure itself?
hmmm... unsure.gif
nothing works at all huh.gif
so hard reset it went, blink.gif
and back to the drawing board...
but it certianly seems to me i got close to almost a glimpse soundtracker on the z5500

but after looking around i remembered funktracker gold
and see it works in the console
so i'll have to give it a try on the next run maybe or try to get the freedos emulator working.....
hmm guess i was wrong
not much interest in this it seems
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