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Full Version: C700 owners, mod your RAM to 128MB
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My Webpage

i have C700
however, i dun dare to try it
because first.. i dun understand Japanese
and i dunno anything about electronics
i hope some translate this page and someone re-write it into English with detail description

so i can ask my friend to do it
You can also mod your CPU smile.gif But its complicated, you really need good tools etc. Which most peoples dont.
I've had a look at the page, used the excite translation and some of my meager Japanese skills, but they're bad concerning things like electronics.

The description on the web page it is not bad. HOWEVER, you need quite good equipment and lots of patience. If you don't have them, forget it. Also, you might be unable to use CF cards afterwards due to the fact that the guy uses a wire to get some voltage since the C700 is a multilayer board (one could probably work around it by using some sort of pre-printed ribbon cable, but that's quite risky as well).

Basically, if you're fearless, and can solder BGA, then go ahead. The Zaurus kernel needs some patching as well.

If somebody can tell me what the person meant by 'Rifuro', I wouldn't be unhappy.
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