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Full Version: restoring nand from an sd card
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o zaurus gurus,

my c700 hangs on the sharp screen (when the blinking cursor moves from the lower right handside to the left, it just stays there). this all happened after i got bored and tried to put hotfix "b" on my cacko 1.18 from

i've tried re-loading the cacko english rom 1.18, but it still hangs even after i do the OK+Power on, choose option 4, choose sd route to update my rom.

so then i tried the nand restore (using the d+m route, page 3 nand restore), but it wants to restore from a cf card, which i don't have. i have the binaries needed for a pristine nand restore handy, but is the nand restore a good try to fix a hanged c700 on the sharp screen?

should i just go ahead and just buy a cf card ($49 for 512mb on ebay), or am i missing something? maybe a nand restore is not the answer, or there should be another option on the d+m or OK+Power options that i should be playing with?

i have been up since 4am, racking my brains on this one.


ps. i also tried the pdaxrom 1.0.5, but it seems...well, rather slow on my pda.
I'm guessing you have some other CF card plugged in (Maybe a wireless one?).

Unplug it, and try the NAND restore again. If it detects ANY CF, it will try to use it, else it will try SD.

I have used SD fine once I cleared my CF slot (And the SD was formatted to fat).

- Bundabrg
I think that nand restore can be made only from CF cards. Or atleast was told so.
I have used NAND Backup and restore extensively on a 512Mb SD card on my SL-C860 so unless it's different on th 750 it should work.

Try, as suggested, making sure there isn't a CF card in the unit - just the SD card.
thanks guys! yes, i did have a wifi card on the cf slot. so i tried it again, but my c700 still wanted a cf nand restore. oh well. but the good news is, i tried pdaxrom's 1.1.0 rom, and i actually like it, so i think i'll trade in my cacko rom for now. thanks again!
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