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Full Version: basic programing for the Z?
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Does anyone use these programs?




What do you think? Is it good for a newbie to start to program on the Z (clamshell)?

My advise would be to use more common languages.

Python runs well on the Z. It is well supported on Windows and Linux, meaning you can run your scripts on your desktop machine with minimal changes.

PyQt is the GUI of choice if you are using the Sharp ROM.
If you prefer Java, programming Java code using EWE VM,, is another recommendation.
Thanks a lot for your suggestions. I am interested in the Java stuff. Python seems really hard for a beginer. I may be wrong here. Java may be more within my learning curve.





QUOTE(lareya @ Oct 13 2004, 01:55 PM)
What do you think? Is it good for a newbie to start to program on the Z (clamshell)?

If you are just starting out in programming, I would pick C instead. But keep in mind that there are a hella lotta VB programming jobs out there, so it doesn't pay to be a snob smile.gif

In my line of work (Controls Engineer) VB, or VB-like, programming/scripting is the rule rather than the exception. Compiled programs are not only rare, but are seriously frowned upon (kinda hard to troubleshoot things when you don't have the source code).

(for a look-see as to what I'm blathering about check out:

And the massive, but excellent "Automating Manufacturing Systems
with PLCs":

We're like the red-headed, left-handed stepchildren of real programmers, but we get more done with 4k than most get out of 4meg. smile.gif

I encourage you to look into Controls/Electrical Engineering, my daughter is about two semesters away from getting her degree (and loves it).

The little geekette smile.gif

I would opt for Python (or Perl, or Ruby) if you haven't programmed before. It may look a little odd but it is much, much easier than Java to pick up.

In Python you can learn the basics in a few minutes, I gave up on learning Java due to the fact you needed to learn quite a lot just to do simple stuff.

It is also interpreter based which makes it easier (in most cases) to quickly run it.

There are some pretty good online tutorials for Python (see for a complete list)
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