hello all - I'll be on holiday for a few days... going to a wedding in the Florida Keys (yippee!). funny thing is, the minister cancelled at the last minute, so I might get to marry my friends (thanks to the universal life church!)... it would be pretty funny if I did it.

anyway, my brother has access to the servers... and should be keeping an eye on things (spot checks, etc.). I doubt there will be any troulbes though.... (crossing my fingers smile.gif)

if there are problems, feel free to AIM me (AIM ID=offroadgeek) or email me (michael at offroadgeek dot com). I'll have my phone with me (which has access to AIM and email) so I won't be completely out of touch, unless of course I drink way too much and pass out on the beach... which is very likely.

oh yeah... and I'm hoping to see Team America while I'm away... I can't wait!