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Full Version: A Questions of libSDL
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I am writing Apple][ Emulator. I can run it at X11 w/o any problem. But when I run it at Zaurus with libSDL, I found that nths draw on the screen and I can't the screen anyway. the screen is keep freeze.

here is my step of using libSDL

use SDL_Init to init SDL
use SDL_SetVideoMode to setup video mode (I try both 640x480 or 640x400 for 16 bit)
get pointer from pixel buffer from SDL_Surface->pixels
when I fill the screen, I use SDL_LockSurface before touching the buffer.
I release it after I draw the screen.

What do I miss ?


I add the same issue (with libSDL 1.2.7, compiled from official sources). I found this interesting info on a SDL mailing list (

Except for the above modifications, Qtopia port of SDL works pretty
fine and I can enjoy many games in VGA screen on SL-C700 as in the
desktop environment, although I have to allocate an image buffer as
SDL_SetVideoMode( 480, 640, 16, SDL_SWSURFACE) and rotate the VGA
(640x480) screen CW before calling SDL_UpdateRect().

And actually, if I try this video mode, I have a better behaviour than with 640x480 (I can display some things on the screen, but as if it was in portrait mode, which makes it unusable)

Unfortunately, I do not quite understand what the author means by "rotate the VGA screen before calling SDL_UpdateRect()"
thx for your information. Finally, I found out that I should place SDL_PollEvent when I draw into the buffer........ It believes different from x11 SDL.......
Would you know why I have 20 pixels from the extreme left side displayed on the extreme right side in portrait mode 240x320 on the sl6000 ? I would like to use 480x640 but all I get is a black screen :-/

Some coding help would be welcome.
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