I was wondering today about something, i saw a couples of posts about using the zaurus as a cell phone, and the pim stuff in general.

I find that the speaker volume at max, is quite low. Kinda not enough to heard it in a noisy place. I remember setting some alarm on the sharp PIM, and i would never notice that they got off.

It is possible to boost up the volume in the service menu (i never checked). or to do some mod to have a louder speaker ?

I looked a bit when i opened my c700, but i was not sure. I wonder if its a question of the speaker has low voltage so putting a louder speaker inside would not change much ?

Any suggestion to put it louder ? smile.gif That's could be more usefull if people use they zaurus as cell phone and want to heard it when they go out in a bar or any other place like that =p