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Full Version: GCC3.x.x Onboard Development
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I just know that there is a lot of people don't undestand why someone could want to develope on the zaurus but I'm one of this ones.

Where can I get something like dev_img-1.5 but with gcc3.x.x and not gcc2.95.1? I have installed Openzaurus 3.5.1.

Thanks if someone can help...
I second the notion. one of the reasons I went with the zaurus was the on-board development. I would really like an OPIE and GPE version.
OpenEmbedded can build packages for development on device - it's untested. With newer OZ we can build some devel packages.

You can also join us and help.
If it is possible I would like to try. Where can I get gcc from OpenEmbedded?

I run opie from the SD Card (512MB) with th image 64-0 and I have a tar file as backup to can make test without many problems.

I have a SL-5500S.

At this moment I can't install linux on my PC mad.gif . But I use to run linux from a LiveCD laugh.gif .

If I can help testing on the zaurus...
What about TinyCC ( ) ? It's a full C (not C++) compiler that can even be used as an interpreter for C sources, just add
#!/usr/local/bin/tcc -run <options>
at the beginning of the .c, chmod +x it and you don't even need to compile. It's veery light and fast too...

I wish I had more OE skill biggrin.gif
Too bad TinyCC is only for x86 at the moment. Oops looks like they added ARM support recently, pardon me.
If it is possible I would like to try. Where can I get gcc from OpenEmbedded?

Install OE and build it... Actually it would be worth while someone adding all of these extras to the feed.

Actually I have the various GCC ipks, if you can give me somewhere to upload them I'll do so over the weekend.

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