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Full Version: I can't install most ipk files...
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I'm having trouble installing and running *any* software on my SL-5500.

I download the file to my computer, and when I unstuff it the "ipk" file shows up as a folder. I copy it over to my Zaurus, and it is still a folder, and the "Install/Uninstall" program does not recognize it.

SOME programs unstuff as a file instead of a folder, and I am then able to install them.

BUT, 90% of those refuse to launch. When I click on them they show the little activation lines around the application, and then they just hang.

I've about a dozen games listed at the index, for instance... only "Dragon Bane 2" seems to run. I can't find a pacman or tetris clone or anything like that.

Any help or suggestions would be helpful. My Zaurus 5500 has:
"Qtopia for Embedix Plus PDA, version 1.5.4"
"Linux Kernel Version 2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-embedix"
"ROM Version: 3.10"
when I unstuff it

Does this mean you're uncompressing the ipk file? If so, don't.

For your ROM, ipk files are just renamed tar.gz archives (for OZ they can also be renamed ar archives). Some web browsers/servers gunzip these files, or just add a random .tar to the end; this breaks things.

Removing the .tar file on my PC solved part of the problem. Now I can install any .ipk file.

The problem continues that many programs simply won't run. There is no error or message that I am out of memory or anything like that... the program just never launches.



Are these programs that are too demanding for my Zaurus 5500?
I've never used any of these; presumably they have icons which you tap and nothing happens?

In this case, you'll have to install a terminal and look inside the .desktop files and then run the appropriate binaries from the command line to see what the error is.

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