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Full Version: Formatting SD card
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I was messing around with my Zaurus and accidentally ejected the SD w/o unmounting it. It is formatted as ext2 and was corrupted after the eject. I've been trying to format it again, but I'm having difficulties.

I found an armutils package online that provided fdisk, however, after unmounting the SD card fdisk still complains that it can't read /dev/mmcda1 (nor /dev/mmcda for that matter). I've also tried fsck but I get an error about a bad superblock (I've also tried running it with the -b option and using other superblocks). mk2fs.ext2 gives an error saying the device size is reported to be zero.

Any ideas on what I might be able to do to solve this problem? Thanks.
I believe I am having the same exact problem with a FAT kingmax 1gb sd card. I cannot see /dev/mmcda1 when I insert the card. Any help is appreciated. unsure.gif
Well, I don't know what I did...mostly ejecting and reinserting the SD card. Before, it was showing contents on the card, then it started showing nothing. I can't recall if I did anything else before that to have any effect on it, except that I did flash the ROM and reverted to a clean install of the Sharp 1.40 JP. I don't if this had anything to do with it (it was something I was planning on doing, not actually in response to the SD card not working).

After I saw that nothing seemed to be on the SD card, I tried fdisk and it worked, then I formatted to ext2 again. So...I don't really know what happened and I probably never will sad.gif


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