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Full Version: Zaurus SL-C860 for sale
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Hi all

I am selling my SL-C860. I rarely need the Linux capabilities and for a PDA I prefer my Pocket PC and want to upgrade that to a Dell X50v (maybe if I'm lucky one day there will be an OZ port to that).

I'm planning on selling it on eBay but thought I'd mention it here first; feel free to make me an offer and if I get a decent one in the next few days I'll skip eBay.

I do want to do a full disclosure, though. There are a couple of possible issues with the unit, and I'd rather mention them up front so the buyer knows.

1) If I boot into the service menus and run the flash test, it reports 3 bad blocks. My understanding of flash memory is that bad blocks are almost always present and are handled by ECC or something like that, but I'm no expert and may be wrong. So I don't know if this is normal or a defect. I can say that I have flashed and used both pdaxrom and the OX 3.5.1 with no noticeable issues. Everything seems to work fine.

2) There is some faint ghosting on the display. Oddly, it seems to be different with OZ than with pdaxrom. With OZ you have to really look very carefully at the screen to notice it (if I didn't tell you it was there you would probably never notice it), while with pdaxrom it is easy to see (but not so bad as to make the system unusable, by any means). The fact that the two systems are so different make me wonder whether this is correctible in software, but I don't know the answer to that.

Other than these, the unit is in good shape. Note that it does not have an AC adapter, but does have a retractable USB sync/charger cable instead.

I also have a brand new (less than a week old) Symbol CF 802.11b card which I want to sell for about $40 but would bundle if the offer required it.

If you're interested send me mail at gram@ geekraver dot com

Is it still under warranty?
Probably not; I bought it on eBay. I've found manufacturers can tell from the serial number when a device was manufactured and base warranty on that, but you'd probably need to be in Japan to do that for a clamshell Zaurus.
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