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Full Version: Zaurus suitable for non-geeks?
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I'm not a computer person, a biologist in training, and I'm not averse to computers (managed to learn some HTML and Javascript scripting). I think I'm interested to get the Zaurus SL-6000 because of its features over Palm solutions (I'm a little anti-MS), plus the pretty cool (and free) apps available for it. Also I think learning to use the command line would maybe help me to be more confident with Unix, so that's a real bonus.

However, I'm a little worried that since I'm still not too familiar with unix that everything might be too overwhelming. Is there a way to ease into using the Zaurus?
I didn't know much about Unix/Linux before I bought my 5500.

All you need is the will to learn and some patience (and us of course if you get stuck ;-)).

When asked this kind of question, my answer is usually not suitable for the Beginner/Novice.

Usual question I ask is would you be ok having to use the command prompt on the odd occation (not in normal use). If so, should be fine.

As you have said you are ok with doing a bit of JavaScript/HTML, I'd say you were over qualified smile.gif

Funny thing is, had some people that ask if it would be appropriate for them that would not even know what Java/html is. But the unit was still ok for them. Since they only wanted to do basic things with it, they never needed any of the "difficult bits". Just wanted a high res screen and keyboard.
Think of it this way, there's not only a boatload of folks in Japan that use it, but they somehow manage to do it in Japanese as well smile.gif
Thanks for the encouragement smile.gif

I've decided to go for the SL6000L, and so I've registered with the forum. Looking forward to learning about how to use the Zaurus here!

This is so exciting!
Welcome to the forum, Supperman.

I don't think it will not be advisable to get the Zaurus even though you're a non-Geek, as you would say..hehe.

Sounds like you like to do things on your own. That's a big plus when dealing with the Zaurus. Grab a Unix command reference or Unix beginner book as well as a VI editor command list and you're good to go.

I think you will enjoy the Zaurus!
QUOTE(supperman @ Oct 20 2004, 01:10 PM)
This is so exciting!

Yes it is. And thanks to the people who continue to develop OZ, pdaXrom, Cacko and other ROMs, as well as the applications for them, it continues to excite us all. smile.gif
Despite my screen name I've never earned a living in electronics and the height of my geek achievement has been installing linux on a mini laptop in the late '90s. Since then I've had it easy with Macs, although OSX can require some 'NIX geek skills at times. I got my 6000 last week and within a day was surfing the web and perusing e-mail with the wi-fi as well as the usual PDA stuff. I have yet to input any 'NIX commands and the only command line I've seen was for a second when I booted up first time.

So IMHO the Zaurus isn't quite as idiot compatable as Mac OS9 and and earlier, on par with OSX, and I have yet to master Windoze, partly due to lack of interest.

BTW, how do I get back to that command line? And is emacs and all the other goodies in there just like in OSX?

chiming in late here, but the Zaurii are fine for geeks and non-geeks alike (and those who are somewhere in between, such as myself). As you've already discovered, you don't need to use the command line for some everyday tasks.
back to the command line: on the 5600, you need to download a terminal app from sharp. not sure if this is pre-installed on the 6000. as for emacs, again, not sure if that's there, but if it's not, you can find it (and tons of other apps) here:
Don't get it if you are a computer idolit tongue.gif

Personally, I am a double-click guy...

After getting this Z, got to do all those command line thing...=____=
The reason I am getting is because my friend is selling his to me, and w/ a 24/7 free support from him tongue.gif

That's why I can encounter those *Some of the* problems....

but there is no doublt that Z is the *BEST* PDA tongue.gif

I tried 2210 before I bought Z....
Just can't get used to it.......Window on PDA is *CRAP*
Installing cacko and KDE PIM/PI really is quite easy.
You'll really get to use the power of the device once you start getting more comfy with it (synching over wireless, stuff like that).
I have RRD tool push network status updates to my Z for example, which is not doable on a Palm without writing a whole app. On a Z it's really a matter of a few scripts.
QUOTE(Guest @ Oct 24 2004, 08:21 PM)
BTW, how do I get back to that command line? And is emacs and all the other goodies in there just like in OSX?


Like on MacOS, you just open console.
QKonsole is pretty good.
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