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Full Version: Flashing Orange Battery Light
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After I got my Zaurus back from Sharp Repair I noticed that when I place it in its cradle, quite often the orange battery light will start flashing and I have to remove and replace it to stop it doing that. Sometimes I have to do this more than once. It never used to do this. They flashed it with ROM 3.13. The device seems to work fine otherwise. Would this occur if they had subtly damaged the serial connector or could this be a software problem due to the new ROM version?
I have the problem you describe on my 5500 but it is a known problem when you install the cacko patched kernel. You can test for this by restarting the zaurus. If the startup screen is a penguin then you have the patched kernel installed. If so it is worth sticking with it because of the better battery monitor. If you have a sharp startup screen then you may have a different problem as SharpROM 3.13 does not have this problem by default. Check the battery monitor aswell. If your monitor has a limited amount of readings such as 100/70/50/20% then that is the original SharpROM and battery monitor.
That's it then. As soon as I got my Sharp back from repair I applied the Cacko patch so that I could finally get the thing to work with my Sony Ericsson Phone. Because I had applied it almost straight away I never made the connection with the Cacko patch!

If it's a known problem with the Cacko Patch then I can live with it. I was just worried that they may have damaged the serial port when they did the reflash.

Thanks for the info!
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