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Full Version: Bluetooth News?
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1) Sharp offers the 6000 as a business tool.
2) The release of the 6000 with bluetooth will take some time.

1)+2) = Wild Guess:

The 6000 bluetooth version will come with a full bluetooth stack, esspecially including support for headphones. This would finally give us comfortable bluetooth connectivity.

Does anybody know if this guess is too wild?
Sharp is pulling the Zaurus out of America:

On that news, I doubt we'll ever see the SL-6000W (The model with WiFi & Bluetooth) outside of Japan. The SL-6000W is currently available in Japan, but none of the exporters seem to have it.

What did you want to do with the Bluetooth headphone support anyway? VOIP phone? Play music? While it may be technically possible I highly doubt this would work out of the box. You'd have to make the audio application use the correct bluetooth device instead of the normal DSP device, which is probably the hardest part.
That's no good news.

Regarding the bluetooth headset: On my desktop I use it for speech input and telephony/videophony. On the Zaurus I would like to use it as a microphone for taking notes and for VoIP.

Well the Sharp management seem to create more problems than they solve. :-(
I intend to get a 6000W, and a GSM card, so hopefully I could use a Bluetook handsfree device and route the audio/mic to it?

Is this possible?

P.S Does the SL6000x have an Infra-Red port?
It all comes down to whether the Bluetooth chip in the 6000W supports the Headset or Handsfree profile. It most likely does, but as I stated in my previous post, I highly doubt anything like this would work out of the box.

In fact, I've only seen about 3 people on these forums state that they got a 6000W, so if you want to do something like this, you might have to write/hack some software yourself unless someone knows of some other project going on.

There is a thread somewhere around here about using a particular GSM CF card to turn other Zaurus models into a mobile phone.
Sorry for reviving an old thread, however I'd be interested in how the Bluetooth module on the SL-6000W is built in. Would you think there's a possibility to retrofit this module on a SL-6000L to get both wlan and bluetooth connectivity? Software-wise it shouldn't be a problem, so it's down to the hardware if something like that is possible.
Mickey, this was discussed recently in this topic:
QUOTE(DRDR @ Oct 19 2004, 09:17 AM)
Well the Sharp management seem to create more problems than they solve. :-(

you must be new here laugh.gif
seriously, though, Sharp never provided the appropriate software for BT to be an attractive option, so there's no demand in the first place. It's really the story of the whole platform, to be honest.

If you want to get an idea of what BT can do, get something like BluePhone Elit for Mac OS X or float's mobile agent on Windows.
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