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Full Version: Ideal "Todo"/"Notes" Application
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Hi, I'm looking for an ideal application that will do (at least some of) the following; does one exist?

- Can have multiple levels; for example, I might have the following:

o Funds
  - Owed
    - ABC Company
      - Invoice 41, $56
      - Invoice 56, $998
      - Invoice 89, $23
  - Bills
    - Power, $400
    - Phone, $350
o Todo
    - Customers
      - BLAH PTY LTD, Ask about XYZ
    - Suppliers
      - DOO LTD, ship BYZ immediately


- Each entry can optionally have a numeric field, such as the dollar amounts above. The parent category can optionally show a 'total' for all items in the numeric field.

- "Importance" field, such as "Urgent", etc.

- Instead of deleting items, "archive" them. That is, they 'hide'. There is a menu option to show all archived items, optionally by date (i.e. show all archived, or show all archived under 14 days, show all archived under 6 months, etc).

- Sortable both by name, description, importance, date added, and date changed.

- (Optional) A way to 'hyperlink' to files; such as a PDF invoice, a text document, etc. Also, if possible, link to calendar items, or emails.
You can find commercial software that does this (this Prozect or IQNotes), but there's nothing open sourced for this task. I had deigns on writing something myself, but then time caught up to me.

Prozect is GPL. There's nothing stopping anybody compiling their own version, calling it something else, then releasing that as a free ipkg.

Not what I'd do, though; I'll check it out and probably buy it if it fits the task. Doesn't seem to do some of what I want, though.

Any other suggestions, anybody?
IQNotes is GPLed too. The binary package used to be free. There's an old version here:

The latest IQNotes source can be donwloaded from the authors homepage here:

I guess it's up to you then to decide whether it is worth supporting an open-source developer with money.
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