I've got a 5600 that I've had for about a year now :::: All things considered It's lived a wonderful life :: but it's getting rather full. (like nothing left on the internal memory) I never had anyplace else to put my apps before... but now I've got a working 256MB SD card. biggrin.gif

What is the best way to free up some space or migrate things to an SD card and keeping everything working? Just wondering what everyone else has done ::: I just tried re-installing and formatting from the Original ROM (Zynergy 1.1) ... and OUCH! I forgot how much work it took me to get my Z working the way I like it wink.gif

I seemed to remove alot of stuff from teh IPK GUI in Zynergy (which doesnt' work for adding packages.. btu I had used to remove before) ... and it really doesnt' seem like that much space has been cleared up :::: I also don't get any response from ipkg remove name_of_package.ipk ... It just sits there for a second, adn returns to a shell. .. . . The packages are still there once I'm done.

Any tips on freeing up my space again?