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Full Version: SL-6000 NO Wireless :angry:
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Hello All,

I just purchased a brand new SL-6000 pda and to my great disappointment I have not been able to get the wireless working.

Once or twice it connected but managed to diconnect quickly after that. At home I run WEP and it pretty much laughs at me. It gives me a message to check my wep or ip address.

Can someone tell me what I could be doing wrong in getting the siplest of all functions to work?

I managed to connect my linux desktop to the unit via usbnet and SSHed into the unit and saw that they are using wlan-ng drivers. Can someone tell me how to manually start the wireless on the SL-6000.

ANY help is appreciated.


Babak mad.gif
the command

usbctl on 1

will turn ithe power on to it

ifup wlan0

should turn the int on
one things with WEP that I have found with my 6K is that some networks use a "sharedkey" and others use and "opensystem". Changing this is usually how I have been able to get my Z to connect to networks with WEP...Also I found the WEP key needs to be in all 4 lines in the wlancfg-SSIDNAME file or it will nto connect(The sharp rom shoudl do this 4 you)...
Thanks for the response all.

I finally got it working and am off to my next challenge of getting gcc installed. Any advice on finding gcc for the SL-6000.

Thanks again.

By the way - I want to add that the wireless started working after Sharp replaced my SL-6000 aparently it was bad hardware.

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