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Full Version: syncing theKompany.rom & Qtopia Desktop 1.7
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Is it possible to sync theKompany.rom with the Qtopia Desktop 1.7 running on Linux? If so could someone tell me how? I can sync with Sharp ROM & OZ 3.5.1, so I think I have the Linux desktop side set up properly.


I tried countless times to get qtopia desktop to sync with mine (5500 w/ thekompany rom) with little success. I went back to OZ for that reason. KO/Pi works under both OZ and thekompany rom, so I figured I would rather use a rom with development potential, which it looks as though thekompany rom is stagnating a bit. Don't get me wrong, I liked thekompany rom, just not as much as I liked OZ.

If you haven't already, take a look at You can sync your Z's pim apps to the KDE-pim apps on a Linux box perfectly. At that point the only thing left is file sharing, which evidently can be accomplished with Samba, so Linux users are set.
tkc is a sharp 3.1 rom derivative which to my knowlage dont do linux. Currently I use the USB memory driver on the tkc rom to emulate a usb-storage device then sink through that rather tha using samba (still getting my head round samba)

use modprobe usb-storage on the linux pc to load the drivers
then mount /dev/sda to a directory in mnt
or if your using mandrake tell it you have a usb camera and it will update fstab for you and preload the drivers at bootup.
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