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Full Version: How-To forum(s) ?
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What about forums for hardware and software how-to's? Perhaps a seperate one for each subgroup (5x00, C7x0, etc), but it might be nice for those looking to hack their Z to have an easy place to find articles.

Posting guidelines for these groups -- These should not be requests for how-to's, but actual articles. The poster should try to include complete step-by-step information on how they accomplished the goal. If there is a single how-to forum then the title should state if it's a hardware/software hack and what models of Z or what rom version the hack was based on. Questions could of course follow the original post, and anyone coming into the discussion later would have a single source for the original info plus all feedback including problems encountered.
That's what the Howto wiki is for:
In concept, that is true. However since the wiki's are apparently locked due to abuse, that's currently not an option.
it's actually not locked down... you just need a log in for the 'old' membership system... If you would like this, just PM me and I'll setup your ID accordingly.

In the near future, we will be fixing this disconnection, so that hopefully when you log into the forums, you would have member access to the other areas of the site.
Actually I should have a member ID under the old system, unless they were all wiped. What's got me stumped, however, is that looking at the wiki page, then again at the home page, I see no 'logon' link anywhere.

If it's not there already, yes I would like to get an ID for the wiki. Hardware hacks are a great thing and should be shared. I know I'm always looking for ways to make my Z more useful. I see a lot of potential in it, if I can just figure out how to unlock it.
You're right... i've removed all of the log in links to not confuse most people... please see my PM to you
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