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Full Version: Task Bar lockup
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I'm new to the Zaurus, a 5600 + 512 MB CF card.
It's got the stick ROM and applcations plus ope reader, justreader, a couple of editors and tkcPlayer installed.

It's been working pretty well for a couple of weeks but just today I'm having a problem with applications staying on the task bar.

Ex: Afetr a reboot the date/time app is the first thing. I respond OK and it closes but the icon stays on the task bar and won't open again.

I can move to applications/theKompany/games/system menus and select an application but once I've closed it the icon stays on the task bar.

I'm at a loss

Any help would be appreciated.

John sad.gif sad.gif
Have you installed any libraries at all? If so which ones?
The only things I've installed have been:

tkcKapital - which doesn't work properly. The balance always increments when the application is started. It would be nice if it were real money.

tkcPlayer - which plays the MP3 recordings I've got too fast.

tkcStyle - maybe a library to enhance the tkc applications?

I've uninstalled all of these.

Tree!Explore QT

The icons will stay on the taskbar even after I've closed them down. And once I get my 6 or so icons I'll lock up and have to reset.


Try uninstalling everything you have installed. tkcStyle might be the culprit, but I'm not sure.
I'm back down to what came with the 5600 when I first turned it on, except I can't uninstall opiereader. The uninstall hangs.

Is there a way to reformat/wip clean and reinstall everything?

To reset your Z

1) Move the battery cover switch to 'Replace battery' until it turns off.
2) Move the switch back to 'Normal' operation
3) Hold down Cancel while pressing the On button

This should bring you to the Maintenance menu on which there should be an option called 'Format'. This will wipe internal memory and restore all the original files.

When installing applications, make sure you use the Sharp ROM versions. There is a specific version of Opie reader for the Sharp ROM and other Sharp ROM packages for Opie apps can be found at
For some reason the way you suggested I format the 5600 worked. Reading the manual I didn't get it.

Anyway, I've reformated and am loading selected programs back on.

I'll try the opeireader you suggested.

I've had nothing but problems with tkcKapital and tkcPlayer. One loses items or mysteriously doubles them and the player plays audio files at a faster speed; like the chipmunks.

Thanks and I'll keep in touch.

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