Last night i came home from my glamourus pizza delivery job, only to find that my stylus had, "up and vanished like a fart in the wind." I searched my room extensivly and anywhere else i thought i could have absentmindedly set it down at. Unfortunatly the mystry of the missing stylus was still unsolved. I decided that a good nights sleep and some better light in the morning might help me track down the elusive stylus. In the moring I resumed my search efforts but still found no sign of the stylus. I theorized that someone must have barrowed my stylus without informing me (a.k.a. stole). So I went about my buisness substituting a non-working pen for the M.I.A. stylus. Tonight after a prolonged interigation of my brothers as to the whereabouts of the stylus i was still no closer to finding it. At this point I pronouced the stylus K.I.A. and proceded to logon to these forums in order to search for where to recruit a replacement stylus. As i was typing in my search words and hit enter to search i noticed i had made a typo and reached up to hit the escape key in order to stop it from preforming the seach. When i reached up to his the escape key i knocked something with my finger. I looked down and found my stylus laying between my top row of number keys and my function keys! I was both relieved and pretty damn annoyed as i had looked around and even under the keyboard for my stylus. In my defense I must note that my keyboard is black but I still feel incredibly lame for not noticing it just laying there. The moral of the story is if you lose your stylus make sure you check your keyboard first.

Anyway I just wanted to thank this forum and its members for helping me to find my missing stylus. tongue.gif