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Full Version: QPE GPS an TOM TOM MAPS
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Is' there a way to use tom tom navigator maps with qpegps or other software for the Zaurus ?

I've Tom tom navigator for win CE and i want to try to use the maps on the Zaurus
I doubt it. TomTom's maps are probably encoded in some propriertary format to stop anyone nicking them to use in other applications, regardless of what other TomTom software you have.

On another note though, Slashdot has some links to news of the TomTom Go personal navigator (self contained GPS unit with TomTom onboard):

I've seen these advertised on billboards in the UK, but what I didn't realise is they run on Linux! Better yet TomTom has released the source code to all the GPL parts of their software, including the kernel. While I doubt they'll release the navigation part of their software like this, it certainly means they're a lot closer to being able to release a version of their software for the Zaurus.
I would buy it if they did.

It's the only thing my zaurus is missing that I badly want.

QUOTE(zbones @ Oct 25 2004, 08:32 AM)
I would buy it if they did.

It's the only thing my zaurus is missing that I badly want.

Please contact TomTom via and tell them - the more people that tell them the more likely they will see a market for such a version - especially if it's not a great amount of work to port the TomTom Go software to Embedded Linux...

There's another routeplanner vendor who already have a desktop linux version who are considering a Zaurus version....

However, with Sharp pulling out the US, both might feel the number of people who would purchase would be too small to cover the development costs...
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