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Full Version: Video playback on the 6000
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I am a recent purchaser of the SL-6000. Very cool product. However, I am trying to run video on it in wmv, avi, or mov format and the player installed on it appears to run ony mpeg-1.

Does anyone know of a player that will play these files? I tried kino but it does not function on the 6000.

Any help would be appreciated smile.gif
You might try download the trial version of tkcVideo for the CX000 series. It's a wonderful app, but it may be a bit early for 6000 support. I can tell you definitely that the 5000 version does NOT work on the 6000. You might try e-mailing Shawn from their page and see if he knows. Let the ZUG know what you come up with !
Thanks for suggestion. I did talk to Shawn at the Kompany. I downloaded the CXX version of tckVideo and unfortunately it does not work on the 6000 either. Right now Shawn does not know when he might have video running on the 6000. This is very limiting since the media player that comes with Zaurus only does MPEG-1 and only displays the video in a quarter of the screen since MPEG-1 displays only CIF and the player has no zoom function. Bad implementation.

I also downloaded and tried the tckGallery application demos for both 5000 and CXX series to see if they would run. Alas, neither of those operate either on the 6000.

I guess it may be some time before much software is produced for this product.
Try searching the forums for 6000 and tkcvideo. Someone has got it working. Have you tried running it from the terminal to see why it doesn't work? If it's having problems finding libraries, it could just be the library path problem that exists on the other Z models where everything in /home/QtPalmtop/lib has to be linked to /usr/lib .

Also, zooming is done by running an app in a lower resolution by holding the stylus down on the app's icon and selecting the magnified option.
I downloaded the CXX version of tckVideo and unfortunately it does not work on the 6000 either.  Right now Shawn does not know when he might have video running on the 6000.
I also downloaded and tried the tckGallery application demos for both 5000 and CXX series to see if they would run.  Alas, neither of those operate either on the 6000.
I guess it may be some time before much software is produced for this product.

Unfortunately until Sharp decides to market the 6000 to consumers, there will be very little incentive for commercial developers to develop for the 6000. I recently contacted Sharp in order to get development information on the 6000, I was referred to the non-exisitant Sharp developers web site, which I was told will be up shortly!
A fairly senior marketing person at Sharp, pretty much told me that they are not interested in general 3rd party developers. They are only interested in supporting vertical markets. i.e they are interested in developers that can go sell a packaged solution, inlcuding a Zaurus into the corporate market.
This may not help you with your video problems, but SafeDee, is at least one commercial product that works succesfully on the 6000 series. They may be others.
What about mplayer? (with xmms as a front end if you need it)

Or the Sharp-feed version of opie-mediaplayer2 may also work (no idea where this feed is now though).

You may try kino2 (available for download at this site). 6000 should be using the same ATI video chip, so it might work.
I tried kino2 but it didn't work for me .It kept sending every thing to media player, I wonder if we can install new codecs for sharp media player like you do for xmms,opie ect....
Just installed the copy from my 5500 and it works just fine. The pitures are a bit more grainybecause of the higher resolution but overall it works. Don't know if the XScale version will work better or not.

Hello, I was hoping this wouldnt need its own thread but could somebody please tell me which video player software (mpeg4, divx etc.) works on the SL-6000 ?

yodabob said he got tkcvideo working after setting it to run zoomed but didnt say definately which version of the player he was using 5xxx or 7xx

I would love to watch video on my z (except mpeg1).

Also i tried kino2 and vlc but I couldnt get them to work, maybe its me ?

I dont mind paying for software but Dr Z and tkc dont mention any 6000 support.
I have dr z. It plays, but not well. Stuff that plays perfectly on my iPaq is really choppy on the z. I don't know if it's the screen or the video system in general.
the ipaq has half the resolution of the z with the same processor doesnt it ? i think the higher res puts more work on the processor.

Have you tried Dr. Z zoomed ?
pretty choppy both ways. A friend of mine, Duffman, had a dvd rip that played pretty well with Dr Z so I think it's an encoding issue. Havn't really had time to play with it, that and I'm waiting for the new desktop to show up. Lost more horsepower when it gets here for this type of thing.
I have Dr Z and it works decently for me.

I am currently trying to get mplayer to work well as I would prefer to have my audio encoded in ogg format.

Mplayer works but it only displays in a small window (the size of about 1/8th of the screen) no matter the build or options i have used thus far.
well I just downloaded Dr Z and I must say Im quite happy with it.

The encoding and video size seems to make quite a big difference...

the best results Ive gotten so far are from a 150mb 432x320 video clip encoded with divx and mp3 playing in the zoomed player.

I did reencode it to 320x240 but ffmpeg changed the audio codec to mp2 (layer3) and the performance was okay but actually played better in vga mode. Im going to try keeping it at mp3 because I suspect thats where the performance hit might come in.

EDIT: ffmpeg was also changing the video codec to mpeg4, which doesnt seem to give the same performance as divx5. I dont really use windows, its a shame it dr z. doesnt support the xvid codec.

Overall, Im happy.

Now... to find a decent priced GB CF card. smile.gif
To anyone who is interested... after playing around all night, these were the best settings I could get using ffmpeg.

For an aspect 4:3 using msmpeg4v2 codec
320x240 or 352x264 with 128kbps mp3 audio

For an aspect 16:9 using msmpeg4v2 codec
352x198 with 128kbps mp3 audio

If anyone has had any better results Id be interested to hear them.

Oh and thanks for the recommendation for Dr Z. smile.gif
I broke down and loaded windows and divx5 and all the other crap....

unfortunately I really do think divx 5 performs the best with dr z.

encoding 4:3 cartoon 30 minutes long at 320x240 and 64kbps mp3 audio I was able to bring the file size down to 60mb with acceptable quality.

I did notice one other thing too, when watching a cartoon on the z away from my computer (on the bus) the quality seems improved. Its like all the tvs in the tv store, you can see the differences when they are all lined up next to each other but take any of them home and you probably couldnt tell the difference.
now i use mplayer on my sl6000l but i want to try DR Z video, problem is there is no demo version ?
Is that all rigth ?
i want to test dr z video before buying, anyone has a demo version ?
Surfing the usergroup it seems Kino 2 runs on SL6000
Is that rigth ?

Anyone can give me any infos ?
It didnt work for me... you could try it if you want though, its free.
Didn't want to work for me, either.
I've read this topic
it seems skoorb has kino2 installed on a SL6000, probably i does not understand the topics, i speak english not so well....
Hello folks,

thanks to few pointers I got from another SL-6000L owner, I was finally able to get Kino2 to work.

This is what to do:

- First, you have to install version 0.22. The newest version available, 0.3, has mplayer that comes with it apparently compiled specifically for the SL-Cxxx series and it doesn't work with the SL-6000L (don't ask me why, I'm still too new to the world of Zaurus....)
- Once installed, launch it without loading a movie
- Go to File/Preferences/Core and check "Direct Access to Frame Buffer"
- Go to File/Preferences/Video and check "Enable Doublebuffering"
- Go to File/Preferences/Audio and check "ffmpeg"
- All the other checkboxes in the three Preferences tabs should be unchecked. I found that especially "Enable Overlay" messes up with the player and prevent it from working.

Kino2 so configured should play almost anything you throw at it. I have played succesfully MPEG1, MPEG2 and Divx encoded movies (320x240, 300kpbs, 25fps).
Depending on the frame rate you are using you may have to check also "Drop Frames" in Preferences/Core.

With the above configuration Kino2 will play in portrait mode in a landscape video window of 320x240, which is quite small considering the potential of the SL-6000L screen.
As of today I have not yet been able to get it to play in full landscape and in QVGA mode, although the checkboxes in Preferences/Video/Fullscreen are supposed to allow to do just that and it is possible to do so with Kino2 installed on the SL-Cxxx series.

A possible cause is that Kino2, being just the GUI for the underlying mplayer, is for some reason unable to pass the commands to mplayer. In Preferences/Core the "Advanced mplayer options" box should allow to give addtional commans to mplayer. I'll try to experiment with that, but first I got to learn the mplayer command set

If anybody else has been able to get Kino2 to work in fullscreen landscape and 320x240 QVGA mode (just like you can do with the original Media Player with "Display with magnified screen" checked), I'll gladly accept suggestions!!!!!!

Happy Tweaking.
Veiw + scale = fullscreen but it slows down video .Ooops drop frames checked helps speed

Thanks, I had tried that already, but it still plays in portrait orientation (other than being awfully and unbearably slow.......)

Like I wrote, the Kino2 GUI does rotate using the hardware button on the Z, but then the movie still plays in portrait orientation, whether I select Fullscreen + Scale or not.

Using "Scale" is exactly what I want to avoid, too taxing on the CPU. That's why I want to find a way to run Kino2 in "Magnified Mode", as you can do with the Media Player that came with the Zaurus.

With the screen zoomed to emulate 320x240 mode in landscape the CPU would still decode at the "native" size of the movie but it would fill the whole screen from corner to corner.

Heck, it can be done on the SL-Cxxx series, why not on the SL-6000L!!!!!??? mad.gif

Do you happen to know what commands you would pass to mplayer in console mode to achieve that? Again: 320x240, landscape mode, full screen.

ok :

Kino 0.22 has no In Preferences/Core/"Advanced mplayer options, so we cannot pass any other parameter to mplayer with this GUI....

KIno 0.30 has this options so i try to install Kino 0.30 and i have substituted the mplayer from KIno 0.22

I try to pass in Advanced mplayer options some parameters but nothing happened,
all remains equal !

Anyone knows How this options can be passed ???

To rotate in landscape in mplayer : -vop rotate=1
if i try to put it in KIno2 no happens....
Any HELPS???

To play a video at full screen in landscape mode from commad line you have to :

1. Create a files called fb.modes in /etc

this is the file's body

mode "qvga"
geometry 240 320 240 320 16
timings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

from command line you can now :

mplayer -really-quiet -framedrop -cache 512 -vo fbdev -fbmode qvga -vm -vop rotate=1 <film_name>

I did the same thing you did, I forgot to mention it on my previous posting. I installed Kino2 ver. 0.22 first, saved on my CF card the mplayer file, removed ver. 0.22, installed ver. 0.3 and replaced mplayer that came with that version with the mplayer from ver. 0.22 I had saved on the CF.

Doing so I have the Kino2 ver. 0.3 GUI with the mplayer file from ver. 0.22.

Having said that, I have not tried yet to pass commands to mplayer using the Preference/Core input box in Kino2. I'll experiment with that and report back.

However, I'm more and more convinced that the Kino2 GUI has some problem in passing commands to mplayer. For starter it is strange that you can rotate Kino2 in landscape mode using the hardware button on the SL-6000L, but then when you play a movie it plays in portrait orientation within the landscape oriented Kino2 GIU.

From some discussion I had with another SL-6000L owner that could be due to some differences between the SL-6000L and the SL-C7/8xx series, for which Kino2 has been originally written.

I have one question for you: It is not clear from your description of using mplayer from console if you have been able to get a 320x240 movie to play in landscape mode in QVGA resolution, WITHOUT scaling.

Did it work that way? if that's so I don't mind using just mplayer rather than Kino2 graphical user interface.

Thanks, Paolo.
By creating file fb.modes you set the screens' geometry so it switch the screen at 240x320 resolutions.

The film is played at this resolution without any resize..

I've configured Kino2+ mplayer to work well in this way :

On Kino2 I only select Fullscreen options :

I modified mplayer.conf and usign mplayer.conf copyed in /usr/local/etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf i can use Kino2 to see films at 320x240 qvga landscape mode.

When i hit cancel button on my SL6000 all desktop is rebuild correctly !

So now it works well !!!

You have to add in your mplayer.conf


and enable qvga fbmode and vm..

All is rigth now !

if you want, i can send the modified mplayer.conf....

Please send your modified mplayer.conf. I can't find mine to modify it. I am using kino2 version 0.22. Is that correct version?

excellent job!!! As the_Oak said, would you be so kind to post somewhere the file? I'm new to the Zaurus and although I'm handy with the command line on computers, I have not yet much experience with Linux.

I'd rather not risk to screw up my two weeks old SL-6000L, I don't feel ready for a re-flash yet......

So, summarizing, let me se if I got it right:

Step 1: Create a file named fb.modes in /etc containing this:

mode "qvga"
geometry 240 320 240 320 16
timings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Step 2: modify mplayer.conf in /usr/local/etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf adding:


Step 3: Select Kino2 in "Fullscreen" mode

One thing I'm not sure I understood is how you enable qvga fbmode and vm.. Do you do that through the "Advanced mplayer options" input box in Kino2 or is it rather another line to add or modify in the mplayer.conf file?

Since you did such a good job in getting Kino2 to work on the SL-6000L, why don't you post an "how to" on this user group web site? I'm sure all the SL-6000L owners will be eternally grateful......

I expect a lot more SL-6000L related activity here, now that Amazon is selling it at such a good price.

It would be great to have dedicated "download" and "how to" sections for the SL-6000L. I'm sure the contributions would be plenty.

I just create mplayer.conf in /usr/local/etc/mplayer/


and it works.
I am unclear about how you got fullscreen working, can someone post their mplayer.conf contents.
Okay folks, I'm almost there... I have been able to get mplayer to play in QVGA landscape from console following Gab74 instructions. Pretty cool, impressed quite a bit a couple of guys in my office!!

Gab47, it would definitely help if you could share with us the mplayer.conf "before" and "after" your changes. If it is not too long you could just write down all its lines in a posting here.

It is still not clear to me which of the commands you pass to mplayer in console mode have to be inserted in the mplayer.conf to have it work from Kino2.

I also have another questions on playing files encoded in WMV format. What is the right audio codec to select and how do you give that command to mplayer?
So far I could get it to work only from Kino2 in the usual small video window, but I have to select "MAD" in Preferences/Audio to have the video play smoothly and there is actually NO audio.

If I select "ffmpeg" there is some audio but it is choppy and it screws up the video as well, making that choppy too.
I tried to select "Other" and putting in the input box "ffwma", which is the coded listed in the "File Info" window, but I still get the choppy video and audio.

The file I'm trying to play is encoded at 320x240, 218k, 15fps. When I play it on my PC it compares quite well with Divx encoded files, believe it or not...

Thanks for any hints you guys can provide.
My procedure:
  1. Install Kino2 v3.0
  2. Install mplayer w100
  3. Delete /usr/local/bin/mplayer
  4. link /home/QtPalmtop/bin/mplayer to /usr/local/bin/mplayer
  5. link /home/QtPalmtop/etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf to /home/zaurus/.mplayer/mplayer.conf
  6. link /home/QtPalmtop/etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf to /usr/local/etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf
  7. Edit /home/QtPalmtop/etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf, and add "vop=rotate=1"
  8. Edit /home/QtPalmtop/apps/Multimedia/kino2.desktop, and delete "Display=640x480,144dpi,480x640,144dpi"
  9. Click and hold on Kino2 icon, enable "Display with magnified screen" and disable "Execute with root privilege"
    In Kino2:
  1. File/Preferences/Core, enable "Direct Access to Frame Buffer"
  2. File/Preferences/Video, enable "Enable Doublebuffering"
  3. File/Preferences/Audio, enable "ffmpeg"
  4. Enable "View/Fullscreen"
  5. Keep other options in unable
Now I can play a 320x240 movie in 640x480/landscape mode.
Thanks for the steps, Siliconbug. I followed your steps and they have got me closer, but I am still having problems.

Edit /home/QtPalmtop/etc/mplayer/o.conf, and modify
# monitoraspect=4:3
# monitoraspect=16:9
# monitoraspect=16:9
# monitoraspect=3:4

I did not find o.conf, but found those lines in mplayer.conf and changes it there. Is that incorrect? Should I have the o.conf file?

The clip I am trying is one I downloaded and file info tells me it is 320x240, 14.985 fps, and MP42 codec. When I play it per your instructions it plays in a fullscreen window but it is still very small and in the lower left corner. If I use View/Scale and then play it it is fullscreen but VERY choppy.

Any ideas on this?
I get the same results, small window in lower left

getting close though
got it,

uncheck run as root and it works

smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif
QUOTE(cdollar393 @ Nov 6 2004, 03:09 PM)
I did not find o.conf

typo. corrected.

However, it seems an unnecessary step, so I remove it. In fact, when I watch a 320x240 movie, I prefer to enlarge to a 480x360 movie on the 480x640 screen, not a 640x480 movie on the 640x480 screen/landscape mode.
Thanks to all. I have read this thread and been able to see my movies thanks to your ideas.
I have installed kino2 and the standard version of MPlayer, not the "w 100". I have made this last the only mplayer and now everything runs smoothly.
The real trick that you have found is the use of the "double size" that the 6000 has.
Great job!!
Thanks to all. I have read this thread and been able to see my movies thanks to your ideas.
I have installed kino2 and the standard version of MPlayer, not the "w 100". I have made this last the only mplayer and now everything runs smoothly.
The real trick that you have found is the use of the "double size" that the 6000 has. BTW, I haven't made any link.
Great job!!
This is my mplayer.conf i used to play mu movies

copy it in /usr/local/etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf

hope this will help...
QUOTE(Siliconbug @ Nov 6 2004, 11:48 AM)
2. Install mplayer w100

when I attempt to install mplayer w100 (mplayer-w100_1.0rc21-1_arm.ipk

I get a message prompting me to install missing files:
"This package seems to depend on other files. Please install them, too"

Does anyone know what those missing files are? And where to get them.

Exactly which version of mplayer do yo suggest (and where to get it).

Other than that, I have been able to get varying results...
I have found that if I use the screen rotate button/feature prior to playing the movie, it will play in landscape for me without having to add the line to the conf

Also, is there an optimal size for a movie?
I've tried playing AVIs from torrents and they are wayyy too choppy (the audio is ok) to watch.
I can't find an easy to use (linux based) converter.

How's the video performance of the Z6k, especially for videos in 640x480?
Which codec works best (audio & video)?
On my 5500G mplayer seemed to have the best performance (ogm at 320x240 and sound <= 96kHz was close to running fluently), is this still true?

To sum it up, can I watch (most of) my videos without prior scaling/converting?

for Sound you can use the stancard player. I use it with mp3 from 128 to 384 kbit/s
Video works great with Kino 0.3


This may not apply to the 6000's, but with the cxx0 series you can't play 640*480 videos...
Hi saakmotu,
in my post i say i used only Kino2 0.22 package. Nothing else.
(of course, you can use another mplayer but 0.22 works well...)

You can follow my post and copy my mplayer.conf...and all is welll

This is my fb.modes files : you have to copy it in /etc/

Hope this will help ....
QUOTE(saakmotu @ Nov 8 2004, 11:23 PM)
I can't find an easy to use (linux based) converter.

transcode or if you want a gui: avidemux
I tried just installing kino2 0.22 and using the fb.modes and mplayer.conf files posted in this thread, but then nothing would play at all.

I should clarify that I'm trying to play .avi files.

What type of file have you been using?

I am going to retry just a plain install of .22 without modifying anything... at least as a starting point.
What is the resolution of the video that you are trying to play? With the config files posted above in this thread, it would seem that the video would need to be 320x240 or less. Otherwise, mplayer will complain that the video is larger than the display and quit.
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