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Full Version: How long does a NAND backup take?
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I have a new 5600 and have been attempting to create a NAND backup following instructions found in the forum.

I have a 256M CF card formatted as FAT. When I bring up the service menu and select the NAND CF backup entry, it displays a 'backup up CF' at the top of a blank screen and stays there. I let it go for half an hour and got no feedback at all. I finally had to do a reset to get it back. When it came back up, I found a file named /mnt/card/backup that was 22.9 M bytes in size.
This sounds about the right size I think, but shouldn't the file be named differently?

Did I wait long enough?
Is there supposed to be a progress indicator of some sort during the backup?

A NAND backup for a 5600 should, as far as I know, be around 64 MB (32 RO Flash ROM, 32 RW Flash ROM)...

I don't know how long it takes though.
I think it shouldn't be more than 2 minutes or something like that. I made once NAND restore long ago and I don't have clear memories about that
On my PXA-250 OZ 3.5.1 it takes about 2 - 3 minutes for complete NAND at about 64MB
in size.
I'm getting similar behavior, though not quite the same.
Attempting a NAND backup, I get the green progress bar along the bottom. It get's to 100% in about two minutes, but then hangs there for over a half hour.

The center of the direction button will take me back to the diagnostic screen, which I'm not sure how to exit. After a reset, the card has the syst0006.dbk file weighing in at 66.2 MB.

Maybe it's fine, but without a normal exit I'm not interested in wiping my ROM to see if the backup restores ok.

I'm using a 256 MB PNY Technologies (purportedly Panasonic) CF card on the Zaurus 6000L. ROM is the Sharp original (which I'm working on backing up before messing with other options). I did fdisk and mkfs an msdos FAT partition on the card. It was completely empty except for the /QtPalmtop and /Documents folders installed automatically when it was mounted in Qtopia.

The first time I tried NAND I forgot to stop the Apache and MySQL daemons, but the second time was straight from a reset so the memory was clear.

... this thread probably belongs in another topic
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