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Full Version: zfceu and gnuboy
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a question: just got a new sl-5600, and i installed qtopia gnuboy ( and zfceu ( both run great with one strange bug - the A button, which should be the calendar button, doesn't work. since this is true on BOTH emulators, i thought it might be something that i missed. the keyboard doesn't seem to work on zfceu, but that wouldn't matter if the calendar key worked. any help is hugely appreciated since these are tremendously great programs and i'd love to get them working. i am using the default rom that came with the zaurus, which i got on saturday.
im having the exact same prob on my 5600 sad.gif you can however, play some games that require you not to use the a as *much*, by holding down the menu key and then pressing calendar key (while menu key is held down)
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