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Does anyone know if or where there is proper graffiti pen input for the zaurus and if so, where is it, and also which rom does it need? I had tried it under oz3.2 about a year ago but the machine always crashed.

I find the builtin hwr totally useless (always making mistakes and having to recorrect) and am reluctantly considering retiring from the z as I do not always want to use the keyboard (clamshell and 5500). To me, HWR is a cornerstone of quality design for a pda (or pmt) and only the palm has come close in any of the current devices (newton os2 rosetta was also very good).


You can customise the handwriting to be whatever you want for each letter, so effectively you can have Graffiti for your Zaurus. Just tap on the pencil icon to the right of the handwriting area and switch to the Customize tab. Then to change a character to be drawn how you want:

1) Select Uppercase, lowercase or numeric and symbols
2) Select the character you want to replace
3) Click Remove until there are no more drawings for it
4) Draw the character how you want it to be recognised in the area at the bottom
5) Click Add

You can always go back to the original drawings for a charatcer by clicking Default. Also all characters can have multiple drawings, but be careful not to make any two or more characters too similar.

Once you're done you can see how well each character matches up by going back to the handwriting input method and click on the ? to the right. Then go to the Trainer tab, which shows the drawing of each letter, lets you try it out and shows what it matches and how well it matches.
THanks for the tips - I tried it and it seems ok but I'll have to see longer term how well it works.

xstroke (which works under pdaXrom) is a handwriting input applet that uses graffiti.
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