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Full Version: Help with my SL5500
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I have an SL5500. This question has probably been asked a million times. I'm trying to sync my Z with my mac running the latest version of OSX.

I'm not a programmer or techie but I can get by with "newbie" type instructions.

I've been reading if I install OpenZaurus/opie I can get Qtopia desktop to sync. I think I have the earlier version of the Rom, but for some reason it won't sync with the usb cradle and the installed a USB driver and Qtopia desktop for my mac. So I'm thinking the Sharp Rom must have been updated to the later version that doesn't sync with Qtopia. (reading the FAQ on Trolltech's website. Trust me, I'm not that smart about this)

I found this website that explains how to install the new OpenZaurus/Opie Rom on SL-5500
(I think its the right one. I'm not 100% sure)

Somewhat extensive, I can follow those instructions. If they are right. But I couldn't find the files it said I needed, and when I did find one file, I clicked on the download link and all I got was a screen of data.

Do I sound like a newbie or what? This seems like way too much work to for a person to do just to get this to work. install on CF card, BUT in the root directory, take of the battery cover, BUT don't take out the battery, hold these buttons down, and wait for this light, but don't do this. Oh I forgot, blink twice, shake your left arm, run around in a circle (I'm kidding now).

Okay so I'm willing to go for it. Install a new rom if that's what it takes. Would anyone be willing to help me with this? I'm talking serious step-by-step instructions here.

I don't know anything about this. I just want my mac to sync to my z. and I want to install other 3rd party programs that I saw on Sharp's site. And if the new rom(s) out there are cooler than Sharp's that is even better. The Z is really cool, and that's why I proceed..(in frustration)

I appreciate your help, and hey thanks for reading!
Well, I'm new to this, too. I have not got it to sync with the QTopia Desktop in Mac OS X using OpenZaurus 3.5.1 on the Z yet. But here's where I've gotten so far:

You need the Mac OS X USB driver. I don't have the link but you can find it in the HOW-TO's on this site. Install it and follow the directions on the page with the install.

Then you need to assign the Z an IP address for the USB network connection in OpenZaurus. In the network program (under Settings) you can modify the USB definition.

At that point, you should be able to ping the Zaurus from the Mac OS X terminal. I can.

BUT, QTopiaDesktop still has the Sync menu items grayed out.

I don't know what to do next, unfortunately.

If anyone can help either of us out, please do so!

I found on my SL-5500 with original ROMs (2.37) and the original Zaurus OS, that the Trolltech Qtopia desktop for Mac version 1.70 <> and the AJZaurus USB sync driver work perfectly on 10.3.5

which is a good thing, since my Z crashed this morning, and if I hadn't got that working last week to sync it, I'd have lost everything I've used it for in the last 3 years!
It works!

Here's what I did:

1. Install the AJZaurus USB driver for Mac OS X with the IP address suggested in the install page.
2. Install the QTopiaDesktop program.
3. Configure OpenZaurus 3.5.1 USB network interface for
4. Configure OpenZaurus Security tab for Sync to allow connection from any IP and for QTopia 1.7
5. Reboot the Z with the OpenZaurus Shutdown icon/program

Now connect the two machines.

The Mac should auto-detect the Z and follow on-screen instructions!

If you wanna use a Sharp ROM, here are the directions to flash the Rom given by Sharp. ROMs after 2.38 will not work with Qtopia. You will have to put 2.38 or earlier on your Zaurus. If you do it right, it will all work out well. I just flashed mine today and it works well. I did not do it before because my phone used Apples Address Book and I was just too lazy. My new LG phone can import from Qtopia via BitPIM however, so now I have my numbers on my phone, my pda, and my computer. Good luck to you. Directions are here, as well as the 2.38 ROM.
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