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Full Version: OZ and Ambicom card?
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I may be an idiot, but for some reason i cannot get my Ambicom card to work. I have OZ 3.3.3 installed. The card is detected, but just flashes and nothing ever works. I have tried DHCP, i have tried static, i have tried all the manual setting in the network settings. Is there something I am missing? I have tried 3.3.5 also and it didn't work for that.
Hi javaman,

there exists a systematic procedure for dealing with this (and other) kind of problems, involving to look at logread, lsmodules, /etc/pcmcia/*.conf and other things. I'd like you to help yourself, but I don't like repeating myself. Did you do a search on this and the other forums and had a look at the mailing list archives where people have similar problems?
i got it thanks.
All i ended up having to do was put my essid in the wireless.opts
ah good. you may add that to the OZ faq, please.
bah i figured it out. unfortunately it is not a fixable problem. it will work but i have to reset my router and reboot the zaurus everytime i want to use it. There is a known compatibility problem with this card and my Linksys AP. looks like the card is going back to Best Buy
that last one was me didn't realize i wasn't signed in
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