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I am trying to install XMMS-E. It used to work on my Z but I have not used it in a while, went to use it this evening, and it won't play. Tried re-installing it, and now I get this error message

Dealing with package /mnt/card/xmms-e_0.00007-1_armv4l-strongarm.ipk
Installing xmms-e (0.00007-1) to sd...
using latest matching task-opie-minimal 1.0.3 arm
using latest matching libmad0 0.14.2b-3 arm
using latest matching libc6 2.2.4-11 armv4l-strongarm
using latest matching libvorbisidec1 20030325-1 arm
using latest matching libc6 2.2.4-11 armv4l-strongarm
using latest matching zlib1g 1.1.4-2 armv4l-strongarm
Installing libmad0 (0.14.2b-3) to sd...
Failed to download libmad0. Perhaps you need to run 'ipkg update'?
wget: server returned error 404: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
ipkg_download: ERROR: Command failed with return value 1: `wget --passive-ftp -q -P /tmp/ipkg-mnmHpO'

Creating symbolic links for /mnt/card/xmms-e_0.00007-1_armv4l-strongarm.ipk.
Could not open :/usr/lib/ipkg/info/xmms-e.list

Creating symbolic links for xmms-e
Could not open :/usr/lib/ipkg/info/xmms-e.list

Anyone know a quick and easy fix to this. The reason I say quick and easy is because I have a flight in the morning, and I really want to use the Z as an MP3 player, but I cannot get it to work. Also, are there any XMMS alternatives that are easy to use.

Thanks in advance
I just figured something out, OZ doesn't have that feed up anymore. They just released 3.5.1 and my Z still refers to the old stable feed "/official/stable/feed" Does anyone know where they moved this to?

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