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Full Version: what is linux command to activate cf wifi card?
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help! i've had no problems with my zaurus whatsoever, and my socket communications card has been flawless for the past 2 years. but now, after i reloaded cacko rom 1.21 b, my cf card does not want to work. here's what happens:

- i insert the card
- flashes twice, then stops flashing
- i check the card monitor tab, and it does recognize that a cf wifi card is in the cf slot
- i try to connect (putting in proper connections in the network tab, of course)
- ...blinks once, twice...then goes dead
- i get a message saying "your connection was failed" (sic)

this has never happened before. usually when i bring my sl-c700 out of suspend mode, the card starts blinking right away, and i just have to fire up netfront to surf.

is there a command i can execute in terminal to force it to stay up?

thanks for any assistance,

As a first diagnostic try 'cardctl ident' from the command prompt.
thanks. i did, and here is the output:

Socket 0:
product info: "Socket", "CF+ LP WLAN CArd Rev A", "1.00"

Socket 1:
no product info available i guess it does see the card? is there a command to force it to activate?

Is the manufid not showing ?, if so then check /etc/pcmcia/spectrum.conf and make sure the Hex id's match the section "Socket Communications CF+ LP WLAN Card" (you may find the two numbers are in reverse order - there again maybe not).

If you do have to change this file then reboot and you should find that the WLAN applet detects the card.

Hope this helps,

- Andy
thanks Andy. i checked, but still no activity after the reboot. for now i loaded the original ROM... i miss the speed of 1.21b, though!
I am also not getting this card to work with Cacko 1.21b. Is there anyone who knows how to slove this issue? I get the exact same problem as daydok.
Mee too, with the same problem. With cardctl ident i get:
Socket 0:
product info: "Symbol", "Spectrum24 LA4100 Series WLAN PC Card","1.00"
manfid: 0x026c, 0x0001
function: 6 (network)

and the cardctl status:
Socket 0:
3.3V 16-bit PC Card [suspended]

I've look into spectrum.conf and the manfid are the same.

I think that the problem is on the wifi extensions, if i type ifconfig -a it doesn't appear wifi0 (it appears with a CF dlink)

----- From bug tracker -----
+ This card uses orinoco driver, which doesn't create a wifi0 device.
+ The card is suspended, thats why iwconfig reports no wireless extentions
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