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Full Version: installing snes emu
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no matter what i try I can not even get a snes emulator to install please can
someone direct me towards the proper files to install and easy method to set it up
on my sharp c-860 i am a total newbie please dont start talking about setting up
scripts and stuff because i am totaly lost on this part
The only ones I've gotten to work, I've had to place the binary by hand.

The snes9x_sdl-2_arm.ipk package says illegal instruction, and I dont know if I am using the bin out of this package, or the snes9x_sdl-1_arm.ipk package.

There is an old one I think I got from ZSI that doesnt use the exported keys, so you dont want that one.

Some of the problems I've been having is that Cancel (esc/SDL=27) can be remapped to quit, and I can press it to quit, but if I bind it to something like L, I have to hold onto the Mail key and hit it to get it to work. Anyone know why?
I was hoping to have all the SNES keys bound to the front bottons of a 5500, but they dont all work.
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